To avoid the infusion of any Hegemony intruding miss-understanding/Confusion or to create any Coordinating Harmony in the Nigeria National Govt.,

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To avoid the infusion of any Hegemony intruding miss-understanding/Confusion or to create any Coordinating Harmony in the Nigeria National Govt.,

Nigeria/Moderate World expected,Either the Moderate Leadership Peter Obi Aided by 3 Great OR The expectant Moderate World Desired Nigeria National Govt.(NNG) by 3 Great & Aided by the UN,US & EU.National Govt,(NNG) to be headed by Ex-P. Obasanjo as the Chairman (NNG),.(The affected Situation caused the Changes],which resulted: 1St V-Chairman:Peter Obi, 2nd V-Chairman.Mr.Yusuf Datti, Ahmed,General Adviser IBB. (NNG)General Special Adviser [All the Federal Special Units/Agencies & Depts.):Ex-P. Goodluck Jonathan, Ex-Gen.Danjuma:-the Defence/Police (NNG)Minister.

For better State Security & better State Governmental Hard Work.All the State Governors must be the Credible State Native Ex-Servicemen/women,as the Nigeria National Govt.(NNG)appointed the State Governors.

To avoid the infusion of any Hegemony intruding miss-understanding/Confusion or to create any Coordinating Harmony in the Nigeria National Govt.,
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For better Securities,Nigeria should get some Late Deinde Fernandez African Private Securities and some intl trained Securities of Mbaise-texas-Ondo,Mbaise-Texas-Ekiti,Mbaise-Texas-Hausa,Mbaise-Texas-Igbo,as to strengthen Nigeria.

The Tailored 3 G & Others to nominate Nigeria National Govt. Governors(NNG) peacefully,

The (NNG)Chairman-Obasanjo to nominate the Credible State Native Ex-Serviceman/woman,as the Nigeria National Govt.(NNG)appointed the State Governor,for States-Ogun,Lagos,Oyo,Osun,Ekiti,Ondo,Kwara,Rivers,Enugu.

Danjuma-Defence/Police (NNG) Minister to nominate the Credible State Native Ex-Serviceman/woman,as the Nigeria National Govt.(NNG)appointed the State Governor,for Taraba,Plateau,Nasarawa,Benue,Kaduna,Cross River,Adamawa,Ebonyi,FCT Minister,Edo State,Gombe State,Borno State.

IBB-(NNG)General Adviser,to nominate the Credible State Native Ex-Serviceman/woman,as the Nigeria National Govt.(NNG)appointed the State Governor,

for Niger,Kebbi,Sokoto,Kogi,Zamfara,Akwa Ibom,Delta,Yobe,Jigawa,Imo,Abia, Katsina,Bauchi State.

1st. (NNG)V-Chairman Peter Obi-to nominate the Credible State Native Ex-Serviceman/woman,as the Nigeria National Govt.(NNG)appointed the State Governor,for Anambra State only.

2nd V-Chairman Yusuf Datti-to nominate the Credible State Native Ex-Serviceman/woman,as the Nigeria National Govt.(NNG)appointed the State Governor,for Kano State Only.

Ex-President Good luck (NNG)General Special Adviser-to nominate the Credible State Native Ex-Serviceman/woman,as the Nigeria National Govt.(NNG)appointed the State Governor.for Bayelsa State only.

4years National Govt,to be headed by Ex-P. Obasanjo as Chairman,.[The affected Situation caused the Changes],which resulted,1St V-Chairman:Peter Obi,2nd V-Chairman.Mr.Yusuf Datti Ahmed,General Adviser IBB .General Special Adviser [All the Federal Special Units/Agencies & Depts.]:Ex-P. Goodluck Jonathan,Ex-Gen.Danjuma:Defence/Police:Minister,Prof.Ango Abdullahi:Education M.,Afe Babalola: Attorney General,Ex-Col..Abubakar Umar:Interior Affairs M.,Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as Finance M .,, Dr.Oby Ezekwesili Planning Eco. M.,.NNPC/Petrol M. by ex.Minister Edmond Dan….(from Delta State) & CBN by Prof.Charles Soludo,to be Cautioned & to be used, his intellect Only and Nigeria must add 6 CBN Deputy Directors,a US,a German,a French & a to guide the CBN to the World Practices/Mgt Affairs,Prof. Bath Nnaji:Power Minister. Also,General Matters’ Consultant:IBB, Emirs’ Affairs Adviser:the banished Kano Emir,Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,FGN Secretary:Ex-Col.David Mark & Credible Others to be Selected/Cautioned by Obasanjo led Team.

UN/EU Proposed 8 Foreign Senior Technical Advisers/Directors per each Federal Govt.Dept.


Research:Alhaji M.Daura,the removed NSO Ex-Official,as his removal,is due to his Boss deep play of Niger Republic Fulani Politics,as of this,no Nigerian Fulani Politics is needed now.

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The US, EU & Taiwan/Japan were unanimous on the Third World Poverty Alleviation Policy, which implied that any Third World Country, which implemented A free Import Duty for Importation & they will reciprocate with 20% Refund of the Purchased Goods ’Cost & upon the Goods’ Delivery/Collection that the Purchaser/Sender shall be paid with 20% of the purchased Goods’ Receipt, once the Goods were Delivered/Collected by the Purchaser/Sender.

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The Moderate World Expected Prince William led Moderate & Creative Monarch, but the late Queen led Imperialists & Conservative Monarchy Members used Prince Charles 111 to retain & maintain the inherited late Queen Monarchy Oddities.

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Nigeria has nothing now, imperatively the next decent Government should have No Import license, No Import Duty & No Restriction on handling the Governmental Businesses for 2 Years,as to have enough More Goods, to be in Nigeria, before any Govtal Restriction/Importations or Control/Licensing. For better Nigeria,all Sea Ports will be fully utilized & More Employment & More Businesses around the Ports.

The Late Ahmad Jordan’s Contact with Obasanjo,Danjuma & IBB made the Turaki the Ex.VP,believed that the Smooth VP Running,would have made him the benefit Adamawa/Nigeria,but the Daura Despot brain-washed him, which voided it.

The 3 Great were worried,but believe that the Emirs/Fulani Aristocrats have lost their usual Royalties/Entitlements for the Buhari’s Damages.

The Moderate World appealed the Reasonable Nigerians to exclude the Hausa-Fulani Extract from the Emirs’/Fulani Aristocrats’ Punishments,as like Family/Descendants late Sokoto Emir Maccido with the Hausa-Fulani Extract & the late Kano Prince Abdullahi,& to exclude the Hausa-Fulani Extract,the Papa of Late Kano Emir Ado and Others with the Hausa-Fulani Extract Linkage,to be excluded from the Emirs’/Fulani Aristocrats’ Punishments.

The Departing Nigerian Despot/tyrant & the Arriving Despot/tyrant,unless intervened,as no Positive result can actually occur,but the North have awakened/recreated above imagination.

The efforts, Connections & Energy involved, to make Dr.Akinwumi,the M.D./CEO of the African Development Bank, were in vain, as his Nigerian Home Village remain the Same as 5yrs ago, but if any Person was appointed the MD, his Nigerian/ECOWAS Home Village would look like Oversea.

The World Bank advised, directed & loaned the Lagos State, as to be able to build Sea Barrier Breakers, as to avert any Sea Surge, but Godfather Salami connived with the Lagos Godson Mafia in order to loot the Loan & to misinform the Public,but Lagos Coast is at Mercy of any Ocean Surge.

The Diversionary Biafran Tactics have impeded the Igbo Intent,may be sponsored by the Anti-Igbo Person/Group.

The late iconic George Bush {Senior} dealt/confided with the 3 Great,widely known as 3G,as Great must work for Obi as VP or P.

The Dead end when Atiku rejected UN/EU Proposed 6 or 8 Foreign Senior Technical Advisers/Directors per each Federal Govt.Dept. Nigeria requires total Oversea Supervision for better Governance, Good Management & Peaceful Development.

The Icon threatened the Queen led UK Imperialists, before Fulani were advised to release the Prisoner out of the Nigeria Prison.

The Senator Ike Ekweremadu UK Saga, but the Nigerian Godfather ordered the Kidney for his illegal Operation. More intensive UK Surveillances & EU Human Rights Organizations Monitoring to prevent any illegal Operation with illegal human parts.

Danjuma cannot act expectantly on the Western/Allies’ Advice/Directives, due to the influence/distraction of his Nigerian Edo wife. The Main Advice is that the Albert Einstein Tool should be used when Nigeria becomes Nationalistic functioning or Dysfunctional, caused by Fulani Extremists or their Cronies acting as the Regional Separatists or Ethnic-Chivolistic Leaders, as to weaken Nigeria for easy Usage.

This, created lack of Peaceful Equitable Nationalism that lack of Industrial Development which is of normal Fulani controlled Cronies with their foisted Sabotage/Violence & their Fulani organized fee/Toll imposed Collection through their appointed Agents that impoverished Nigeria & to be cheaply ruled/used by the Fulani.

On Obi,Rev.Father Mbaka acted in advance Philosophy which most Igbo could not understand or follow it up,as his tactics are in deep philosophy.Mbaka involved in the TV Act & the pending fault of the Obi pending Misfit which could prevent further involvement, to check before involvement, except 3 Great wanted to act any Program with their bearing Cost.

During Colonization, British & French co-jointly moved Zabrama Natives & Hausa Natives out from the Sokoto & Zamfara Areas to the Niger Republic for Fulani Dominance,& the affected Areas became Corridors for People to enter Nigeria as Fulani, but the Real local Fulani could be found in the Adamawa/Borno/Gombe Localities & their Aged, must bear the local Fulani facial Tribal Marks.

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The Natives’ intensive Poisoning aided/coordinated by the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd) & its Networks/Affiliates.

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Before the Queen led UK Imperialists had been bitter-ed/hostile with the Buhari led Northern Extremists on how they handled the Buhari led Northern Extremists ruined Nigeria. then British Imperialists had used UK local Poison on the US/Canadian Red Indians and Australian/New Zealand Aborigines.later,the Queen led UK Imperialists introduced and gave Fulani Hegemony British Poison called Talaboom Powder poison,as to poison Natives for the Fulani dominance.For healthy Safety,bank’s Staff should wear hand Gloves when handling Money,as Fulani and their Agents are putting Poisonous Powdered Money into banks,as to poison bank’s Staff & Customers.

For the Fulani dominance,the Talaboom Powder poisons were distributed to Fulani Communities, as to poison Natives. This is being used to wash local Food Stuff,Fruits,before market selling and they may poison Northern water Wells and southern Streams/Rivers. Also.Fulani local washer-men put powder poison on the native clothes and let them wear them,as to poison Natives.

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I as Mazilieralworks,Personally & Gratefully to the late US President George Bush for his Successes/Achievement on his 13 years on his rendered Services as CIA Boss,which greatly straighten the US & Western Economically/Globally in 1970s during his Active Service,when US had past Economic Problems & on his Assistance to Nigeria 1977,with his Vast African/World Experiences,which influenced me to be attached to the US/Western Styles/Values.

I as Mazilieralworks,Primarily to inform,theorize,Caution,Dialogue,Expose or to educate All People & not to engage or to join issues with any Gullible,Misinformed,Ignorant or Bankrupt Cronies or Hired Sycophants on any Mazilieralworks Issue or literal Article.

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Warning/Notice to All,all Banks,NBA,CBAN,CBN,Associations,,there are growing of Economic Difficulties facing Nigeria now & the closed African Borders,which resulted in lot of sacked well trained Staff,who with co-staff,got bank’s Access & entered banks at non official Time & allowed to Bank By Banks’ Securities to use Banks’ Systems for their nefarious purposes. CBN and banks take Precautions & to make Rules as to safe-guard Banks/Deposits.

Banks’ Alerts May be disabled by the Sacked Staff for bad practices.

Banks’ Account Holders frequently complained of not getting Alerts,nothing is rectified,but banks collect their monthly Alert’s charges without Alert,which means banks are in connivance & aware of the fraud,without rectifying them.

Observed that some Charges/Deductions were created & moved to some unauthorized CBN approved Charges/Deductions Accounts.Since,Public do not know Charges/Deductions’ Accounts & Banks write their Statement in non readable Form.For Detection or finding out,Banks must publish their authorized CBN approved Charges/Deductions Accounts On all their Branches & their Statements in readable form with their Charges/Deductions Accounts,to tarry with the listed branch’s Accounts..

CBN and banks take some Precautions and careful security to restore some Public Confidence & Trust and to make Rules as to safe-guard Banks/Deposits.

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