The Senator Ike Ekweremadu UK Saga,but the Nigerian Godfather ordered the Kidney for his illegal Operation. More intensive UK Surveillances & EU Human Rights Organizations Monitoring to prevent any illegal Operation with illegal human parts.

Danjuma cannot act expectantly on the Western/Allies' Advice/Directives, due to the influence/distraction of his Nigerian Edo wife. The Main Advice is that the Einstein Tool should be used when Nigeria becomes Dysfunctional, caused by Fulani Extremists or their Cronies acting as the Regional Separatists or Ethnic-Chivolistic Leaders, as to weaken Nigeria for easy Usage. This, created lack of Peaceful Equitable Nationalism that lack of Industrial Development which is of normal Fulani controlled Cronies with their foisted Sabotage/Violence & their Fulani organized fee/Toll imposed Collection through their appointed Agents that impoverished Nigeria & to be cheaply ruled/used by the Fulani.

The Diversionary Biafran Tactics have impeded the Igbo Intent,may be sponsored by the Anti-Igbo Person/Group.

3 Great must work for Obi as VP.

On Obi,Rev.Father Mbaka acted in advance Philosophy which most Igbo could not understand or follow it up,as his tactics are in deep philosophy.Mbaka involved in the TV Act & he the pending fault of the Obi pending Misfit which could prevent further involvement,to check before involvement,except 3 Great wanted to act any Program with their bearing Cost.

During Colonization,British & French co-jointly moved Zabrama Natives & Hausa Natives out from the Sokoto & Zamfara Areas to the Niger Republic for Fulani Dominance,& the affected Areas became Corridors for People to enter Nigeria as Fulani,but the Real local Fulani could be found in the Adamawa/Borno/Gombe Localities & their Aged,must bear the local Fulani facial Tribal Marks.

I as Mazilieralworks,Personally & Gratefully to the late US President George Bush for his Successes/Achievement on his 13 years on his rendered Services as CIA Boss,which greatly straighten the US & Western Economically/Globally in 1970s during his Active Service,when US had past Economic Problems & on his Assistance to Nigeria 1977,with his Vast African/World Experiences,which influenced me to be attached to the US/Western Styles/Values.

I as Mazilieralworks,Primarily to inform,theorize,Caution,Dialogue,Expose or to educate All People & not to engage or to join issues with any Gullible,Misinformed,Ignorant or Bankrupt Cronies or Hired Sycophants on any Mazilieralworks Issue or literal Article.

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Mazi Patrick,


Thinker, Writer, Political Strategist, Historian & Psychoanalyst.

Mazi Patrick,Thinker,Writer,Historian & Psychoanalyst.,Maziliteralwork,an literal Organization on writing and international Research

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