The Sadist Katsina Fulani Extremist Born Nigeria President M. Buhari,before His Regime,late Ado wished himself Dead,before Buhari Regime.Now the Truth is known.(Edited).

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Ado Bayero

The Sadist Katsina Fulani Extremist Born Nigeria President M. Buhari,before His Regime,late Ado wished himself Dead,before Buhari Regime.Now the Truth is known.(Edited).

The Sadist Katsina Fulani Extremist Born Nigeria President M. Buhari with some Old Katsina House members of Katsina Fulani Extremist Caliphate Empire, in disguise of fighting Corruption, Sanitizing/transforming Nigeria Economy & revitalizing Nigeria Security,have tactically unleash Mayhem on Igbo, ruin Igbo Economic/Commercial Segment and in attempt to harm Igbo and have totally ruined Nigeria. President Buhari whose Government is technically run by either Katsina Born Fulani Extremists or Katsina born in the other parts of North, as to parade them as Northerners. Some Research pinpointed out that Agriculture with Forests were heavily invested before the handover of Power in 1979, where 13 River Basins with the lake Chad Basin were fully developed, but were not successfully run by the past successive Governments.

Top Generals before1979, including President Buhari were assisted by the 1979 Military Regime to build modernized Farms, all were now grounded, except Obasanjo Farm & Yar’adua Farm that are still in existence. Please, where do Buhari Government is hoping to feed Nigerians from, since those who officially use Nigerian Banks for Food Importation, end up their remitted money for other purposes than Food importation, while those individuals who sourced Money elsewhere, are the people who feed Nigeria and ironically they are Victims of the Katsina Fulani Controlled Nigeria Customs and other Strategic Government Authorities.

There are opinions that some Buhari Agents are the sponsors of Biafra or IPOB, as to engage Igbo with some sort of falsehood State Agitation chase & to distract people from joining other good meaningful Nigerians whenever there is the need to remove Buhari Government with his Katsina Fulani Extremists. The Buhari Government with his Katsina Fulani Extremists should know that they can fool Nigeria sometime or run false Governance with governmental benefits, but one day, History will have a day with them. Nobody can cheat God or Nature.


Until a Proper National Ethnic Conference under aegis of UN as to formulate the best co-existing Constitutions and to work out general ethnic agreement on its framework on how vast African minerals and Agricultural products with its abundant manpower could be harnessed and distributed for equitable development and Peace.

African Election shall be used as a point of ethnic challenge, source of pouring out bottled Anger/mistrusted Aggravation or Political Ethnic Contest for State Power Control as any ethnic Group that has Political Power’s advantage, always use it for its ethnic Political Power’s advantage.

Ironically, there is sources which factually revealed that the Incumbent President usually won the election on basis of all countered votes with verifiable National ID, while Election must be won election on strength of all votes cast by all Voters with their unverifiable National ID with World Stored Database and that is why most African Countries could not be able to have credible National ID which is pancreas for peaceful credible Election as to safeguard its Citizen from violent crime and to promote Development with better welfare for its citizens.French Colonies,usually favored its interest,while National interest peril.

Also, all developed with some better developing Nations have credible verifiable national ID cards in place as it augur easy & peaceful Elections and ease better developmental benefits for all its citizens but why it is allowed in Africa and this, have caused Africa a lot destruction and lost, when UN with West can insist that World/IMF can only recognize or do official business with any African Country that have credible National Identity Cards in operation, but they are silent on this and this wicked collaboration that ruin Africa and create huge emigration problem for West and other developed Nations.Africans are waiting for the world to assist them in projects that create peace and development.

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