Experts opined that since the Middle Belt Regional States,Benue,Plateau,Nasarawa,Taraba,Bauchi,Gombe,Adamawa,Niger,kwara & Kogi States controls the Nigeria Bulk Service Men/Women,it is advisable that these States must have Ex- Service Men/Women,as State Governor as to Care & maintain Regional Security with the Ex-Service Men/Women,as Nigeria is nearly Collapse & Non Viable/Unstable Nation/Insecurity,until the World Expectant National Govt is Feasible & Achievable & Formed..

Once,it is done,each State must Association of Ex- Ex-Service Men/Women,as to care for them with Monthly Maintenance Package.

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Mazi Patrick,

email: akwaba2000@gmail.com

Thinker, Writer, Political Strategist, Historian & Psychoanalyst.

Mazi Patrick,Thinker,Writer,Historian & Psychoanalyst. email:akwaba2000@gmail.com,Maziliteralwork,an literal Organization on writing and international Research

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