Danjuma cannot act Expectantly on the Western/Allies' Advice/Directives,due to the influence/distraction of his Nigerian Edo wife.

The Diversionary Biafran Tactics have impeded the Igbo Intent,may be sponsored by the Anti-Igbo Person/Group.

3 Great must work for Obi as VP.

During Colonization,British & French co-jointly moved Zabrama Natives & Hausa Natives out from the Sokoto & Zamfara Areas to the Niger Republic for Fulani Dominance,& the affected Areas became Corridors for People to enter Nigeria as Fulani,but the Real local Fulani could be found in the Adamawa/Borno/Gombe Localities & their Aged,must bear the local Fulani facial Tribal Marks.

I as Mazilieralworks,Personally & Gratefully to the late US President George Bush for his Successes/Achievement on his 13 years on his rendered Services as CIA Boss,which greatly straighten the US & Western Economically/Globally in 1970s during his Active Service,when US had past Economic Problems & on his Assistance to Nigeria 1977,with his Vast African/World Experiences,which influenced me to be attached to the US/Western Styles/Values.

I as Mazilieralworks,Primarily to inform,theorize,Caution,Dialogue,Expose or to educate All People & not to engage or to join issues with any Gullible,Misinformed,Ignorant or Bankrupt Cronies or Hired Sycophants on any Mazilieralworks Issue or literal Article.

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Mazi Patrick,

email: akwaba2000@gmail.com

Thinker, Writer, Political Strategist, Historian & Psychoanalyst.

Mazi Patrick,Thinker,Writer,Historian & Psychoanalyst. email:akwaba2000@gmail.com,Maziliteralwork,an literal Organization on writing and international Research

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