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British Imperialists led Fulani Hegemony strategically used Fulani influential/wealthy native Nigerian Cronies to woo,lure & persuade Oversea native Nigerian Intellectuals/Experts as to work briefly,before they are systemically abandoned/rubbished.

British Imperialists led Fulani Hegemony strategically used Fulani influential/wealthy native Nigerian Cronies to woo,lure & persuade Oversea native Nigerian Intellectuals/Experts as to work briefly,before they are systemically abandoned/rubbished.

Ironically, the British Imperialists led Fulani Hegemony strategically using their Fulani influential & wealthy Cronies of native Nigerians, in likes of Abia State Ex. Gov. Orji Uzor Kanu, GLO Chairman Mike Adenuga, Aliko Dangote, Sir Emeka Offor & Chief Terry Wayas as being Nigerian Successful Individuals, in order to woo, lure & persuade these Oversea Based native Nigerian Intellectuals/Experts to come back to Nigeria, in assisting Nigeria Development with their Expertise, only for these Experts to work their secured Jobs very briefly, before they will be systemically abandoned or be rubbished, thereby tactically making them to lose their Oversea jobs with their gained influential Oversea Positions & Connection.

In 1962 the United Nations Commission on Population and Development with its UN Affiliates met late the Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa,KBE led Nigeria Government on the Need for Nigeria to realize & achieve its expectant State Prosperity, National Progress, Industrial/Agricultural Development and Peace with Nigeria Potentials & Resources, provided Nigeria could evolve a perquisite credible National Verifiable National ID Cards Scheme with its attendant credible Primary National Government Database.

The resultant effect of Credible Data shall enhance the total Ghost workers’ scam elimination, to pave ways for more jobs employment, to sanitize pension payments and to provide Nigeria with national Credible Records upon crime and security information could be sorted out promptly.

Thus, to evolve minimal National Basic Welfare Scheme for its Nigeria Citizenry, as any Nation without Welfare scheme, cannot possess stable, healthy & quality Base People upon which Nigeria could develop and co-exist peacefully, otherwise Nigeria will continue to drifting endlessly with all national programs not realizable or achievable until Nigeria become a failed State despite the British Imperialists led Fulani Hegemony instant & network.
The recent Mr. John Kerry US Secretary of State’s State Official Visit of Sokoto Caliphate where Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari was praised as the terror Fighter & Anti-Corruption Crusader, while all native Nigerians from all parts of Nigeria were bitter, sad & worried that such US Governmental Praise Pronouncement is sadly discouraging, disheartening, reality distorting, distasting & misinforming of Nigeria Popular Opinion that the Nigeria President Buhari was in past remotely associated in Boko Haram Sponsorship/Formation and Northern Ethnic/Religious Violence, but may be now a changed Person, but only time will tell.

US is being tele-guided by the handful of Anglo-Saxon Conservative Exploiting Americans who in collaboration with the British Majesty led Imperialists and in conjunction with Fulani Hegemony siphon and runs some hidden Arewa Secret Bank Accounts where vast monumental wealth over a Trillion British Pounds Sterling with late Sir Louis Ojukwu vast wealth & others were seized without the perquisite British Court Mandamus, were stored until Queen do not want talk about it in secret with Fulani currently, which means the Arewa stored wealth was diverted and those in charge are no more accountable to the Fulani partnership. After the emir attempted Assassination near the Kano Mosque and the death of late Kano Emir Ado Bayero, there is no strong figure who have direct access to Queen to ascertain the issue and IBB currently represent Fulani hegemony, but he is not getting the required information or cooperation.

And Research suggested that late Maj. Gen. Hassan Usman Katsina, as the Fulani Arrow head of Fulani Caliphate used his closeness to late Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu pressurized him and used his Fulani Networks to provide all the Military needed logistics that made it possible for late Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu with his Colleagues to assassinate late Premier of Northern Region Sarduana of Sokoto, which upon his assassination, that late Maj. Gen. Hassan Usman Katsina maneuvered himself to become the Military Governor of Northern Region, while the Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of the Northern Region, late Sir Ahmadu Bello KBE were used by the British led Fulani to organize instable Strategy which led Nigeria to present Nigeria instability/quasi failed State and this British Imperialist led Fulani Hegemony was used in the pursuance Igbo ethnic Genocide in the North and which forced Igbo with its Eastern Region to declare Biafra unprepared, unfunded and without the required Military & human logistics.

The industrial ambitious Igbos led struggling ambitious hard working native Nigerians were tactical checkmated, contented, undermined & confronted by the British Imperialist led Fulani Hegemony. Whether in South African Black African Xenophobia where Igbo led native Nigerians were targeted, their investments ruined & to discourage their further business/influence interest expansion.

In Ghana & other African Countries where Igbo led native Nigerians’ investments & businesses obnoxiously taxed, levied and discouraged.

In US, EU, Arab & Asia Igbo led native Nigerians were facing abnormal immigration, Migration & their Resident Permits were racially denied, controlled with dissonance & not in accordance with State law.
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It is ironically sad that the West led World International Pressure with political or economic Isolation and seizing of Nigeria Oversea individual/company assets & wealth, being managed by various Fulani Cronies, will be capable to compel Fulani controlled Nigeria to toe the path of evolving a credible National Verifiable National ID Cards, with its attendant credible Primary National Government Database or to be able to evolve minimal National Basic Welfare Scheme for its Nigeria Citizenry.

Also, it is illegal and immoral welcoming Governmental Delegation with Passports without National ID Cards of issuance, should stop forthwith, as it encourage illegitimacy, fraud and it create enabling environment for corruption, while most African Governmental Delegations that travels with their National ID cards, which they present alongside their passports, why Nigeria with its huge Resources cannot do the same and why associating West could not advice Nigeria Government to resolve the shame issues of Nat. ID and Data as to tackle Nigerian huge problem.

Primarily, the fundamental duty or governmental function of any credible & legitimate Governance is to statistically identify each Citizen, label or tag each person with a National Verifiable Identification Number from Government database and issue each person with National ID card, before Government can be able to administer Governance whether the person can feel or perceive the Government to be good or bad.

The international becomes apparent, since the Fulani Extremists that control Nigeria, will forestall any such national ID with database arrangement, as demographically there is no Nigeria local Government Area or Council in the North where Fulani is majority, compared to the Natives who are bulk of Masses. While the Fulani with their amassed wealth, control, manipulate and win any Northern Election anywhere Fulani reside.

Ironically Sad that US, Britain with other Nations could welcome, associate or recognize a Primitive State like Nigeria that could not possess the State fundamental required Prerequisites: a credible National Verifiable National ID Cards, with its attendant credible National Governmental Data or be able to evolve minimal National Basic Welfare Scheme for its Citizenry.

This, will largely eliminate unlimited with its associated ghost Workers’ problem, which have impeded Nigeria State inability to tackle the workers’ Salary Payment promptly or to settle retired workers’ Pension with its gratuity, as at when due and to be able to evolve the statutory basic credible national ID cards scheme with State statistical Data and to implement fundamental basic welfare scheme as reduce poverty, which provide the State with capable people, ability and people oriented stability, as to implement Nigeria fundamental development with combat Nigeria associated Corruption.

Nigeria Post independence of 55 years,it have been seen or assumed that whenever the Core North or Fulani Extremists want to organize political Power/Government as to suppress the impoverish Nigeria Natives and for Gain & Advantage, the Yoruba Establishment with its Political leadership become handy against any Native political Agitation or to quell any Native Economic Equity Rebellion, whether when the Middle Belt tends to challenge the Fulani Hegemony political arrangement or when Igbo tended to secede after witnessing the worst form of Ethnic pogrom in North, after late Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu with his Colleagues that executed a failed Coup or when the Kanuri with its North East Natives rebelled against Fulani Aristocratic manipulation or when the Niger Delta minority wanted to reasonable time in Power for its IBB influenced Ex-President Goodluck, despite that the Yoruba have benefited from Oil Businesses in Niger Delta massively than their Niger Delta neighboring Igbo.

Yoruba as Nigeria Native opt to erase the misconception or erroneous Belief of other Nigeria Natives that they connive or cooperate with the Core North Extremist Fulani Hegemony to undermine, suppress or oppress any native self-determination aspiration, political interest agitation or to support the formation of oppressive Regime.

All Concerned are of opinion and expectation that Nigeria desire a political arrangement of 2yrs Political Process as to usher Political Administration of no partisan or political leaning, to be able to deal with inherited political problem where elected Politicians’ receives quantum luxurious Pay package and to resolve political statutory package and to put in place National or Regional Comprehensive national ID card System with credible Data for Planning, effective welfare scheme and to enable Poor access noninsured loan scheme or move out of poverty.

Possibly conduct Nigeria Election on Party Basis with 6 Vice Presidents, each per Region for 6years term with a revolving President per a year, which shall be able to cleanse Nigeria with its inherent Religious bigotry, Ethnicity, new found Religiosity with its behind Occultist Practices and mental/moral Bankruptcy,


Mazi Patrick,
Thinker, Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist, Assignment for Peace, justice, Development, Human rights & Anti-Poverty Crusade.




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